Tuesday, 3 April 2012


monday: found out that ive be chosen for debate competition.
okey, a bit happy but weehhh debate ? me debate in english ? gotta have a lot of practice , eventhough i  got a very high confidende level   .[not very high lah =___=' ]  .   1 day left before the debate urghhh.

tuesday: got to meet kepeng before his soccer at my school , wish him goodluck ;') . my ex school , which is his school now layak untuk semi final . so doakan diorang mara sampai final k ? ;) hihi ,  excellently understand addmaths today , fugrrhh BAHAGIA KUT RASE . then kakak form 5 dtg kelas tnye nape tk pegy training hoki    ;p    . give a common   excuselah kan ?;p  ,     skrg tgh ada dekat cc with--->kepeng;D .  cari choral speaking script , smt gombak nie, bile choral speaking  semue kelas wajib participate . =.=' , nevermindlah?  intresting jugaklah  cla rase.  tusyenn sejarah pukul 530 was cancel ,   adalah lebih masa sikit buat homework .   but malam still got tution   -> addmaths n chemistry     .

wednesday : as usual balik lambat pukul 5-6 petang . maalam got mengaji.

thursday :   DEBATE ;'O ,WISH ME LUCK

friday : ? soon ill tellyaaa :)

(fussy person)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

new hobbies


k , tommorow is MONDAY , arrrrghhhh =x

god , pejam celik celik dah april lah :p , woaaahhh .
masa berlalu mmg cepat . .
aku ? im getting bigger the biggaaaa :)
orang ckp makin besar makin banyak dan berat tanggungjawab kite ? BETOL !
okey tell you what .
i wanna be sixteen as long as i can . but i cant . people ? 16 only once a lifetime .

16 , when teenage got the freedom ,k sounds weird , what im trying to say is at this age we must know how to care how to handle ? understand ?

but actually 15teen was the most priceless ever for now . that year , ive through big things PMR n syukur alhamdulillah , i did it excellent i think so . but entering form 4 was reaally a big challenge to me doe . 10 subjects really turn me upside down= / . now , i felt i ve take the wrong course . I JUST REALISE IT NOW , TOO LATE GIRL. know what , i love to menghafal n membaca . reaally love it kut . especially sejarah . n now the course i took is more to 'ilmu matematik' . i love sejarah since im . entering prestige my tuition cntre , my very awesome teacherr , named shiva was amazing / he knows how to minatkan budak dgn membaca sejarah , ade seorang ahli sejarah ckp , org yg tidak mempelajari sejarah pasti akan mengulanginya . cewwaaahh dah berfalsafah dah aku nie. k just wanna share my feelings . i have to be srious now , spm is next year but i think im taking it this year ? critical rite >.< , sabooo jelaaahhh . Allah saja yg tahu . besok jumpe miss tan my chemis teacher . huyeaahhh cant wait to hear her accent . lawak derrr. haiyaaa jahatjahat. =p